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-OpenRxM is going to be platform to discuss and write about "Prescriptive Maintenance", what it means, how one can create value out of it and offer proposals on how to establish in the field.+**OpenRxM** is initiative to discuss and write about "Prescriptive Maintenance" (RxM)to develop a common understanding on RxM, how one can create value out of it and how RxM can be established in the field. 
 +__Thesis 1__: "Prescriptive Maintenance" (RxM) is an element in a smart blend of other maintenance strategies, while this blend is routed to failure-modes on system (equipment or model) level. If a method like a "Reliability Centered Maintenance" (RCM) approach, can be the origin for that blend and (initial) source for maintenance tasks based on failure-modes, then the prescription to a failure-mode, that is likely to happen, is already specified ready be configured into a work order. 
 +__Thesis 2__: Artificial Intelligence (AI) does well join in e.g. when it comes to reverse-engineering of failure-modes and may well propose condition- or prediction-based proposals of actions to be executed within maintenance task on a much more dynamic level, than current maintenance approaches may provide in operation. 
 +__Thesis 3__: Maintenance is managed on failure-mode level; RxM will provide smarter portions or bandwith of action to be executed within a specific, failure-mode related maintenance task. 
 +Starting point will be EN 13306 to identify, what already has been defined in a widespread standard.  
 +[[start|U. Gehrig]] (October 8th, 2019)
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